The prices below are for bulk orders only. You need to make the initial order through us and they will be sent directly from the printers to yourself. We want to encourage groups/fellowships and people to order bulk and get them out to those who are in darkness and wanting truth. The whole idea of offering bulk to you and your group is to get these book around the world and into the right hands.


Because there will be a number of groups or people ordering bulk, the printers can offer the following prices. These prices are for bulk orders only and come from the printers directly to yourself.

If you are overseas and want to print bulk let us know and we can work with a printer in your country. We need to deal with the printers ourselves, so please do not ask for the files as we want to ensure the quality among other things.
(Note: prices for USA only – If you are in Canada let us know and we will get a shipping cost for you.)

  • 1000 copies will be $5.50 each including shipping within the US.
  • 3000 copies will be $4.50 each including shipping within the US.
  • 10,000 copies will be $3.50 each including shipping within the US.

To receive these prices, these are the amounts you need to print. The condition we will allow mass printing of the Vain Traditions book will be as follows:

  • You cannot sell the book or obtain donations for them.
  • They cannot be advertised for you to sell or take funds for.
  • This is very important to us and we ask that you abide by this.

Secondly we would ask that you donate a small percentage of the books from your print run back to Vain Traditions for us to send out to those who cannot afford a copy and are seeking truth, which includes prisoners. You would be paying the printers directly and not Vain Traditions, but we would organize it for you.