I am asked for free copies daily for those seeking Truth and prisoners all over the world. I have sent many of these books out freely over the years with what is given and from the sales of the book. I also send bulk free copies to poor countries through other ministries as the shipping is expensive for me.

Much of the funds left over from the sales I donate to get His Word out to those in need around the world through the wonderful project called HalleluYah Scriptures. There is little over from a handful of sales that come in weekly.

I would like to give out more freely but just cannot afford to reprint these as I live a simple life in a caravan and want nothing for myself but only to help those seeking Truth. Believers are praying in agreement with me, seeking a way to print a bulk lot to give away freely.

I have had one kind brother in the past who donated for free copies to be given out. I thank him for his generous offer.

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